I love pink dresses! They’re feminine, flirty, and just plain pretty! This Lucy Love dress features pure simplicity. Its simple in the front and has button detailing in the back (business in front, party in the back). As us ladies know, when a dress is quiet in the front its typically screaming at us to add our personal touch to it through our favorite accessories. I’ve been pairing everything with a chunky silver necklace or my favorite delicate cross necklace that I refuse to take off. Either way, chunky or calm accessories will let your beautiful light shine through this adorable pink dress!

**These photos were taken in May. This dress is no longer available.**

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”

Irrelevant Side Note: Has anyone been watching Chasing Life? I love it! I don’t know if its because I completely relate to the main character who has Cancer, or because its so amazing? If you haven’t watched it–I recommend doing so! xo

_MG_9651-L_MG_9657-L_MG_9669-LDress: Lucy Love (Sold out) | Photography: Kristine Cramer Photography


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